Our Story


Tribe Country Farms got its name from all six of the family members referring to themselves as a “tribe”. The members are Jim and Marie Broberg, Heather and Alec Montoya and Kristin and Mitch Havemann. Heather and Mitch, sister and brother- in-law, run the business while the other 4 contribute in other diversified ways. 

Heather graduated with a degree from CSU in Agriculture Business and minor in Real Estate. She learned about aquaponics her freshmen year and knew that was her passion and what she wanted to do. While in college she interned at an aquaponics farm, where she learned the daily operations and skills along with touring several other aquaponics businesses. Heather has always loved fish and plants so putting them together in one system is her dream job. 

When Mitch learned about aquaponics, he knew it was a business that he wanted to be a part of. With a background of electrical and mechanical work, it makes him the perfect partner to compliment Heather’s science background. Mitch built the system which holds approximately 65,000 gallons of water in our 6000 square foot greenhouse.

Tribe~ The ones that never leave your side, put faith in you and remind you who you really are. These are the people you know will be in your life forever - the ones that would drop everything and be there no matter what.


What is Aquaponics

 Aquaponics is the combination of growing plants and fish in one system. The fish are in 600 gallon tanks where the waste is then filtered out and the nutrient rich water is sent to the raft beds filled with plants. The plants sit with their roots in the water and grow faster than if they were in the ground. The whole system is recirculating and uses far less water than a traditional farm. The only thing being put in the system is the fish food. No pesticides, chemicals, etc. are used.  


Mission Statement

 Our mission is to provide local, fresh and healthy produce, year round, to our community in a sustainable environment. We want our customers to be confident they are getting the highest quality produce grown with the highest standards.